Types of Thongs

The thong is one of the most iconic types of panties on the market, and they’re after revered as some of the sexiest. The sexy thong – https://obsessive.com/euro_en/thongs has been around for a while. Some people say that it was created by a fashion designer in 1974 known as Rudi Gernreich, but others say it didn’t really come around until 1977 when it began to be seen all over the beaches in Brazil. Still, others say that it came around as early as 1939 when the mayor of New York ordered that the nude dancers at the World Fair had to be covered in order to dance at the fair, and the people in charge of the show obliged in the barest way possible.

Regardless of when you believe the sexy panty came along, it is unarguable that it still remains one of the most popular types of panties on the market today. Many women wear them because they make them feel sexy, and others wear them for practical reasons, such as when they don’t want panty lines to show through their clothing.

There are different types of these types of panties on the market, some of which include the following:

  • G-string: The G-string has a triangular patch in the front and a string that runs up along the bottom.
  • C-string: The C-string takes the thong-type panty to the next level. It’s basically a G-string without the elastic waistband. It won’t fall off, though, because it has a flexible wire that runs up the bottom and holds it in place.
  • V-string: The V-string has a V-shaped patch of cloth on the front. It’s very similar to the G-string but offers a bit more coverage than the latter.

The main thing that all these have in common is that they have a string running up the back of them, which is essentially the part that makes them what they are.