What makes stockings so enticing?

Lingerie comes in varieties to please every kind of wearer or viewer, but a pair of sexy stockings never seems to go out of style. Fishnets, seamed stockings, or even just a simple pair of black sheers all add just the right about of sex appeal to any ensemble (or simply on their own.) But what is is about stockings that is so attractive?

The Look of a Confident Woman

A pair of stockings can be a stylish addition, both to one’s daytime wardrobe, and to a lingerie collection. Stockings can be added to a date-night ensemble or a vintage outfit for an extra-alluring look. Stockings give the appearance of confidence and control, because they’ve been worn by powerful women for decades. This extra boost of confidence is hypnotic for both the wearer and anyone lucky enough to see them.

Extra Support

In a very practical sense, the tight cling of a pair of stockings also provides support. This support makes the tone of the muscles in legs more obvious, which is flattering on all body types.

A Hint of What’s To Come

Worn underneath an outfit, the silhouette of suspenders and a pair of sexy stockings teases the imagination. Without even giving a glimpse of what lies underneath the skirt, one can imagine what other treasures are hidden underneath. Sometimes, that little bit of intrigue is sexier than something less subtle.

The Feeling and Sound

Stockings engage the senses. If you’ve ever worn them, you’ll know that the sultry feeling of sexy stockings on your legs enhances the pleasure of any encounter. The subtle swish of the fabric when walking is like a lover’s whisper. This tactile delight makes stockings a great accompaniment to any set of lingerie you might already own.